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I needed to keep moving. Juiz de Fora, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil was the next destination. It was a strange choice. There’s nothing notable about the small city. It has nothing to attract tourists. I chose it because an old friend of mine from Rio, whom I met in London years before and was no longer in touch with, lived there and I wanted to see why she would have chosen the city.


Because of the low tourist rate, it was easy to find someone on couchsurfing to take me in for a few days. I stayed with a woman living with her 14 yr old son. We went out for dinner and I tried the minas gerais specialty, fried pork rinds and cachaca. The pork was delicious. Cachaca is a disgusting liquor when not disguised with sugar and lime in a caipirinha, but that’s not how they drink it in MG. At one point a car pulled up and a woman collected a handbag she had left on the dinner table an hour before. She expected it to still be there and it was. That’s why someone might choose the city over Rio. No crime.

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