ESCAPE THE ORDINARY: At a Crossroad in Brazil

Sep 19, 2016 | | Say something

“We make plans and God laughs.”


In the last post I mentioned the beginning of the end of my relationship. This gave me a dilemma. I was meant to stay in Brazil for another six weeks. My travel agent got back to me and told me the ticket couldn’t be changed, even though I’d bought it with some kind of flexibility clause. I could have cancelled them and maybe gotten a refund, then bought a new one. Getting back early seemed complicated.


Beyond that, I didn’t know if I should go back. It was all new to me. I talked to my sister. She told me it would be different in person. She would know. She’d done a long-distance relationship for a while. I didn’t listen. None of my options appealed. I thought, I could go back anyway and fight for this relationship. That would be the romantic thing to do. Ultimately, it was my decision to leave the country in the first place, I couldn’t blame Cristina for feeling abandoned. For feeling that it couldn’t work. On the other hand, did I want to fight for someone who didn’t seem willing to do the same for me? Someone I felt had just lied to me the whole time while it didn’t matter, while she didn’t have to do anything.


I continued my travels.

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