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All good things must etc. etc.


Brazil marked the end of my trip. The last country. Just over two months before I returned to face the music. It marked another end. My weird, semi-relationship with Cristina. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might have noticed me mention her a few times early on, and not much since then. That was partly out of privacy, partly because it didn’t fit with many of the stories, and partly because it was hard to write about. To ignore her completely would be to ignore a large part of my journey. She was a constant presence in my life throughout, chatting to me daily on skype or whatsapp. As I moved from hostel to hostel, country to country, new friend to new friend, she was there.


It wouldn’t last through Brazil. She asked me to come back early. To miss Carnival. I said no. Carnival was meant to be the highlight of the trip. The bacchanalia to complete my travels. I thought about it. I’m not a big party guy. Carnival is a big party. Changed my mind. Told her I would come back early if I could. Emailed sta travel to see if they could change my tickets. She seemed happy. Two days later she told me not to come back. Don’t know what happened in those two days. A lot can happen when you’re 5800 miles away. The beginning of the end.





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