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“Do you have my reservation?” – Jerry Seinfeld

“Yes we do, unfortunately we ran out of cars.”  – Car Rental Agent

But the reservation keeps the car here. That’s why you have the reservation.” – Jerry

“I know why we have reservations.” – Agent

“I don’t think you do. If you did, I’d have a car.” – Jerry

To drive from the city of Rio de Janeiro to the beach town of Paraty, still in the state of Rio de Janeiro, my dad reserved a car. He chose a large one in order to carry a family of five, plus our various suitcases. Standing at the rental line, seeing other people struggling to get their cars, he was worried we wouldn’t get the one he reserved, one large enough to accommodate us. That fear was unfounded however, as they didn’t have any cars at all left over for us, big or small. Thus followed a panicked circulation of other rental agencies by my father and his translator, yours truly. In the end, the only local service had a car available, for an extra cost.

Soon our bags were packed and we were heading out to our party destination, my dad behind the wheel, his experience driving in Istanbul perfectly equipping him for crazy Brazilian roads. We overshot our destination by about twenty miles and had to turn back. I got some basic directions with my passable Portuguese.

In the afternoon we arrived at a beautiful house up a small hill, facing out into the ocean. It was a little way out from Paraty. We all went for a swim to cool off from the humid Brazilian air. It didn’t work, the salt water gave us a stinging warm bath. We got all the fans in the house running, and a few hours after lounging in the hammocks, the sun dipped below the horizon to give us some respite.


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