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There was a time when professional Brazilian surfers were not taken seriously in a world dominated by Australian and American pros. This has changed as a couple of Brazilians are ranked in the top three surfers in the world after winning several competitions. And they both live in Florianopolis, Brazil.

Where I must say, I had the best surfing of the entire trip. I stayed in a surf hostel that allowed free use of their boards. It was a nice, friendly place with a constant lingering smell of marijuana and suntan lotion, right by Barra Beach. The perfect place for beginners. Not having to worry about how long I was using the board for was a nice relief (most rentals are for an hour, I had no watch and probably wouldn’t wear one if I did as it could be a serious safety hazard in the water). Despite a long journey through South America, I was not particularly tanned. But surfing forces you out into the sun for hours. There is no shade on the sea. My face went bright red. Later I surfed in just a swimsuit to spread the redness around.

Floripa is really where I fell back in love with surfing. The closest you can get to flying without being in the air.

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