ESCAPE THE ORDINARY ADVENTURE: The Tale of the Many Sided House

Jul 13, 2016 | | Say something

There is a house in Buenos Aires that looks quite different on each side. It’s easy to pass by and not notice, but it has a fascinating back story. Around the time that many Irish families were forced to leave their country due to famine, many went to the Americas. In the ships headed north they ended up in New York and Boston. On the ships going south they wound up in Buenos Aires and Chile.


One Irish family was reasonably well-off, nothing special, but their daughter was considered exceptionally beautiful. A son of an upper-class Argentinian family wanted to marry her. This family had built a church not far from their own house, to show the city their religious devotion, and to be able to admire it from their abode. The besotted young man was told that he couldn’t marry the lowly Irish girl, and had to marry an Argentinian from another upper-class family, so he did.


The Irish family were not too pleased about being considered unworthy. They bought land in between the house and church of the Argentinians. There they erected a building tall enough to completely block the view of the church. Not just for the Argentinian family, but for a lot of passersby. Each side of the house was designed differently. One side looks like a giant ship, a tribute to the port city that had taken them in. The side facing the Argentinian family…resembled a large middle finger. While the building itself is notable if you know the story, the church has faded into complete obscurity.


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