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Jun 24, 2016 | | Say something

So, today, Britain voted to leave the EU by a slim majority. This is not a political or economic blog, so I’m not going into those issues, today we examine this from a travel perspective. I’m assuming we’re not going to need visas to travel to most European countries for tourism even once we’ve left. But if we wanted to stay in a European country for more than 90 days, who knows what will happen. Considering that immigration was the main reason people voted out, I imagine the UK will want to impose strict visa regulations on any Europeans wanting to immigrate.* And European countries will respond in kind. Gone from having Europe as a playground to uncertainty and possibly a bureaucratic nightmare if I ever wanted to live somewhere else within this Union.


From a travel for travel’s sake point of view, the only thing that will change is that it will become relatively more expensive for Brits to go on holiday as the pound loses value and the economy shrinks.


*Although getting that through would involve tanking our economy, it’s a brave politician who makes the decision either way.

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