ESCAPE THE ORDINARY ADVENTURE: Cordoba, Iguazu, Buses and Planes

Jun 13, 2016 | | Say something

I’m going to skip over Cordoba. It’s a lovely city where I spent a week, a place with a great respect for the siesta (which doesn’t exist in most other South American countries). But I didn’t do anything worth talking about there besides stepping in dog poo inside a hostel and recovering from my Patagonian exercise. I flew there from Bariloche because the prices and times of the bus options were ridiculous. Almost as expensive as a flight for a 17 hour journey (in fact it’s cheaper for Argentinians to take a plane, foreigners have to pay an extra tax). Avoiding the buses did give me some flexibility to travel in a weird way around the country.


From Cordoba I flew to Puerto Iguazu, the location of the famous Iguazu Falls. As our plane started descending, I looked out of the window and realised I had returned to jungle territory. I thought the falls were just surrounded by a bit of nature and an industrialised society. Nope, they’re in the middle of a huge jungle. It was time to start praying to Pachamama once more.


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