Feb 5, 2016 | | Say something

I had an early morning wake-up for a $60 boat ride from Isla Santa Cruz to Isla Isabela. I almost missed my small boat to the ferry, since there’s some system whereby the ferry ticket provides a small boat to get to the big one, and you have to take a specific one, but it’s not made very clear which boat is yours.  Then on the other side, you have to take another small boat to the Isabela docks, and no-one tells you that you have to pay that boat until the driver comes around collecting a dollar from everyone. Then there’s a docking fee and a tax, $10 for foreigners docking and I think $5 tax. There’s comes a point where all the fees just feel insulting – Ecuadorian service with first world prices. I would be annoyed, but Isabela was amazing.


It is probably one of the least visited (inhabited) islands  on the Galapagos, and yet has so much to offer. Volcanoes, snorkeling, diving, swimming with tropical fish, sharks and sea lions – sea lions that just sleep anywhere on the island. It’s just not as well known because it was previously a farming and hunting island. A volcanic explosion (I think in 2005) decimated the farming industry, and they had to adapt by switching to tourism.


There is no cash machine (atm) on Isabela, and like all of the Galapagos there is a constant shortage of change. No-one ever seems to have change, which makes everyone reluctant to pay in change, because they know they may need it soon, and that in turn makes it harder for anyone to get change. It’s a vicious cycle, one that doesn’t seem difficult to solve in theory, but as I said – Ecuadorian service…


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