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I visited the Charles Darwin Research Centre, where I appropriately saw a number of Darwin finches. None of them would stay still for a picture though. There was a beach on the path to the centre, I ran into Alejandra again and we went for a cooling swim. She told me that I spoke Spanish with a Russian accent, which I can’t explain – it was the first of a number of strange Spanish accent comparisons in my trip, – Russian, Canary Islands, Mexican, and CNN neutral Latin American accent, none of which made any sense to me – I assumed I would have had a Colombianish accent since that was the first place I really started to learn the language. But it sounded Russian to her, which based on my experience Hollywood films I think is quite a menacing sound – not my intention, but perhaps it has helped spare me from some robbery attempts, or perhaps it has made people in hostels less willing to be friendly with me – one can never know…


After lunch I went to Tortuga Bay, which is in fact a beach. And had no turtles/tortoises that I could see. Ran into Alejandra again, and got a glimpse of what village life might be like, always running into the same people. It was fortunate, since she showed me there was actually a bay on the other side of the beach. On the one side there were big waves enticing the surfers, and just around the corned was a tranquil bay. We went for a swim and had to leave before sunset, a pleasant end to the day.

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