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Arriving on Santa Cruz after paying a dollar to cross from Isla Baltra on a boat, I found a few buses. And none of them were going to Puerto Ayora, three buses and none of them were going to the only place on the island that people actually lived. IE, the most common place people would need a bus for. So I had to get a taxi, and talked my way into sharing a taxi with three girls, one spanish and two american – which isn’t hard to do when it saves money all around. We became friends for the next few days, especially since we had the same plan to visit Isla Isabela.

The first night we went out and shared two fish between the four of us. But first we picked the cheek flesh from a fish that had been left behind by the previous diners. They were joking that we should eat it, I noticed the cheek, the softest part of the fish, was untouched – and I helped myself. Soon they all joined apart from Alejandra, the Spanish girl, who seemed kind of disgusted at the idea – either the fish-head or eating someone else’s leftovers. TheĀ Galapagos Islands are an expensive place, it’s always good to find ways to stretch the budget – plus the wasting of edible animal flesh is more disgusting to me – if a once living breathing being becomes a part of our food chain, I consider it more respectful to get the most out of the animal – though I have wasted plenty in my own short life.



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