ESCAPE THE ORDINARY ADVENTURE: Pasto, and the invisible volcano

Nov 23, 2015 | | Say something

Near the city of Pasto lies the Galeras volcano. Highly active, last erupting in at least 2010, forcing an evacuation of 8,000 people. I had an idea that it would be cool to hike the volcano, which was an option once upon a time. Unfortunately, due to ash constantly spewing from the ground, it is no longer open to hikers. It’s not even visible from Pasto, supposedly hidden in it’s own ash cloud. So not much happened in Pasto other than me finding the cheapest meal in Colombia. 2500 Pesos for an almuerzo deal. That’s rice, meat, beans, plus a soup starter for about 60 pence, or $1. Perhaps not the most exciting highlight in my trip, but it was nice to relax after the craziness that is Cali.

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