ESCAPE THE ORDINARY THOUGHTS: The Green Oranges of South America

Nov 17, 2015 | | Say something

Throughout my entire trip in Colombia I don’t think I saw a single orange orange. They were always green, sometimes a few had a slight orange tint. But not a single ripe orange orange. It’s called naranja in Spanish, which also means orange, so they know what colour it’s supposed to be (although the inside is still orange I suppose).  It was quite off-putting and I hardly ate any. Yet when I did, they were a lot better than expected. Not fully ripe, but not far off. I’ve eaten orange oranges that were far worse.

Months later I found out why. Because people like me have reactions like those, when oranges are sent to the USA or Europe, they are often sprayed with an orange dye to make them look appealing. All style and no substance. Now I’m more worried that spray may contaminate the fruit inside the orange skin, ruining a wonderful food with toxic chemicals.

The green oranges are more appealing now. Though I’d still prefer a natural orange orange. And that is a lot of uses of the word orange in only a few sentences, now it’s stuck in my brain. Orange Orange por favor.

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