ESCAPE THE ORDINARY ADVENTURE: Couchsurfing and a Personal Tour

Nov 7, 2015 | | Say something

In principle, I like the idea of couchsurfing. The website linking travellers to locals, allowing for cheaper holidays and a more immersive tourist experience. In principle. In practice, however, too many users prefer to use it as their free dating site. Before I went to Barranquilla I asked some people if I could stay with them. A couple of guys said I could, and also pointed out that they were gay in case it was an issue. I told them that was fine, but I was straight. All of a sudden they were a bit too busy at work… Couchsurfing is one of the few places in the world where straight white males are at a disadvantage.


However, you can meet a lot of interesting people through couchsurfing too. My sister, who is not on the site, somehow had a Colombian friend one of her friends had met on couchsurfing called Nahya. I think that’s what happened, I couldn’t always follow her Spanish. She kindly agreed to give me a personal tour of Cali, including a visit to the cats and some interesting graffiti honouring Macondo – the fictional town created by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. We also stumbled across an interesting drum circle with all kinds of crazy dances taking place in the middle. I got a video, though I’m not sure if I can upload it to the blog.

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