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Two wonderful exercises that can build strength and flexibility. Or do the opposite.


My hostel offered free yoga classes twice per week. Only a few years ago I would have laughed at the idea of doing yoga, but since taking a few classes, I have found it challenging, relaxing and energising all at once.


I used to lift weights also, a practice that I also found challenging and energising. Exhausting rather than relaxing though. Unfortunately I injured my back lifting more than I should have, with imperfect technique.


I’d seen yoga as a way to maintain some strength without damaging my health. Yet, during one of the twists in the class, the same back injury flared up and I was in pain afterwards. It’s a shame because I don’t get much exercise travelling, except for walking with a heavy backpack.


The injury wasn’t quite as serious as the weight-lifting one, relaxing on a hammock for a couple of days cleared it up quite quickly. But that has ended my yoga for the rest of the adventure. Not counting yin yoga I do occassionally from internet videos – it’s such a gentle style I believe there’s no way it can injure me – at least I hope.

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