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Whenever I talk to Americans* about Cali they tend to assume I’m referring to California. Unless they are already in Colombia. In Colombia, Cali is a city towards the southwest of the country famous for salsa. Salsa Calena is very different from most other styles of salsa dancing, featuring very fancy footwork and a less mobile upper body.

I could have stayed in Medellin for months, but I had a trip to continue. One 9 hour night bus and I arrived in Cali. I found a taxi driver, looking back I think the taxi was an illegal one considering they wouldn’t park it in front of the bus terminal like the rest, and nearly got killed crossing a street of never-ending traffic to get to the car. It was an inauspicious start and I started wondering why I’d left Medellin at all.


But over a couple of weeks I grew to appreciate Cali, one of the wilder city’s I’ve visited, but with it’s own charms and a lot of fun.


*The term America and American seems to be a contentious one down in Latin America. They always insist that America refers to the entirety of the two continents and that the term American refers to them. They are technically correct according to dictionary definitions, but  I find it very insulting. In England, where I am from, American refers solely to citizens of the USA, so when they tell me I’m wrong they are essentially telling me that I am not speaking my native language correctly. I don’t tell them what “gringo” means, I know that in some places I am considered gringo by virtue of being a European foreigner, and in other places I’m not a gringo because I’m not American (well technically I am also, but people here don’t know that).


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