ESCAPE THE ORDINARY THOUGHTS: Attraction and Whiteness

Oct 3, 2015 | | Say something

“No me gustan, son negras alli” – Medellin taxi driver politely explaining why he didn´t find the women in Barranquilla attractive – because in his opinion they´re all black.


Medellin has a reputation in Colombia as having the best looking women in the country. Not coincidentally, it is also has a higher number of lighter skinned Colombians than other parts. This is a trend across South America. Wherever the best looking people are thought to be seems to be the exact place the whitest people are.


Now Medellin does have a high number of attractive women, I won´t dispute that. But it´s not the only place in Colombia that´s true. Even in Barranquilla, and I hate to give Barranquilla credit for anything, there were loads of gorgeous women, just darker skinned.


And  yet back home in sunless England, many white girls will do anything they can to get themselves a bit darker. Even spraying themselves in a ridiculous orange colour at times. No-one is ever satisfied.


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