ESCAPE THE ORDINARY ADVENTURE: Medellin’s Cheap Sightseeing

Sep 15, 2015 | | Say something

My last post I put up a couple of pictures from Arvi Parque. Medellin has inadvertently set up one of the world’s cheapest sightseeing tours. There are two metrocables connecting different parts of the city’s mountain regions to the main metro cable line and the rest of Medellin. This was set up as part of a double-pronged attack on the violence and drug trade. Previously, the inhabitants of the mountains could only get into the main part of city by walking for many hours, or maybe taking a long, rare bus down gang controlled territories in the mountains. Dangerous, time consuming and depressing. It meant that attending any education or getting work in the main part of the city was next to impossible, adding to the allure of a criminal career.

For a tourist these cable cars offer an amazing view of the city, one which my camera doesn’t quite capture. La Aurora in the west,  and Santo Domingo in the north-east are both interesting rides, and only cost the price of a metro ticket or two. At the time of writing that was about 2,000 Colombian Pesos, 50 British Pence, or about 77 US cents. One article I read said it was rude to take pictures of the buildings below if you were sharing the car with Colombians. And if you take it, you will be sharing the car with Colombians. I only read that after, I may have ignored it anyway. Slums do have their own kind of dilapidated beauty. Something residents may not appreciate, but an ignorant tourist that doesn’t have to live there can enjoy. Plus, on the Santo Domingo side, you pay extra for a further cable up to Arvi Parque and enjoy an eco-reserve.


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