ESCAPE THE ORDINARY TRIP – Beating the worst Greyhound Bus Experience

Jul 19, 2015 | | Say something

Age 21, myself and a friend find ourselves in the middle of nowhere Texas. Our Greyhound bus has lost two lugnuts, and we have to wait 4 hours for a replacement bus to get to us from their nearest station. A supposed 15 hour bus journey become 24 hours


Age 26, I find myself just 30 mins from Barranquilla in a Colombian bus, trapped in the worst traffic jam I have ever seen. We wait six hours before we start moving again. This time an 18 hour journey turns into 24. The difference being that it’s so close I could walk the distance in less time. At least we can get off the well-air conditioned bus to stretch our legs and appreciate the stifling Caribbean heat. Some kindhearted Colombian woman took pity on me when I told her I’d been travelling from Bogota, she gave me some slices of bread to eat.


Interesting fact about Barranquilla, both Shakira and Sofia Vergara hail from that city. Other interesting fact about Barranquilla, they are the only interesting thing about it, and they had good reason to leave. In my humble opinion.


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