ESCAPE THE ORDINARY – Fat People and Police

Jul 13, 2015 | | Say something

I’m still trying to catch the blog up with where I am now. This was over one month ago. My notes say this was a productive day. They also say I did only one thing – Botero Museum.


The Botero museum may well be enough. His pictures and sculptures are amazing. And looking him up now I’m surprised to learn that he isn’t fat. Everyone he paints seems to be. As do many of his sculptures.


The next day I found another free museum – Museo Historica de la Policia Nacional. A museum dedicated to the history of Colombia’s police and military. Focusing on their battles with guerillas, terrorists, and Pablo Escobar. I was expecting propaganda. Which it was. Not a single mention of any internal problems or corruption within the police force. However, you can understand why they’re proud. While the richest nation on Earth has struggled with their drug war, Colombia has done quite well as the frontlines of the war. To the point where tourists like myself aren’t so scared to visit anymore.


They have a wall dedicated to the police chiefs. They all seem to last about 2-3 years. My police guide explained it’s because they’re at the end of their careers usually when they start. I think that’s what he said.

The corruption is understandable. The police there speak English, or something close to it. They try hard to make it a great experience. But their language skills are a bit limited to explain a scenario where  you were paid pennies per day to risk your life, and violent men came to your house and said you can be rich or we can kill you. Although I doubt they explain it in Spanish either. It’s not hard to guess what most people would choose?


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