ESCAPE THE ORDINARY THOUGHTS – The Value of Low Expectations

Jul 5, 2015 | | Say something

Before I ventured into this country my expectations were set very low. Most people I talked to had a lot of negative things to say.


“The food is terrible – inedible.”


“No-one speaks English.”


“It’s dangerous, especially the buses.”


There were plenty of positives too, but the negative comments are always easier to remember. The food isn’t amazing. It’s not the Mediterranean, or Middle East, but if you know where to go the food is edible. And even quite good. Not many people do speak English, which is good in a way since I would like to learn Spanish a lot better.


Is it dangerous? I’m sure some parts are, but I haven’t been through them yet, so far I’ve been pretty safe.


Now because I heard all these things, I am happy when I can eat a meal or walk through a neighbourhood after dark without any issues. I am happy, not disappointed.



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